Studio 7 is an Interior Design Firm established in Oman. After a long Journey of Design from Lebanon to Saudi to Toronto, and finally we landed in Muscat, What led to create the right combination of leadership, creativity and multiculturism. Our International backgrounds raised the quality of work and details to the International standards. An Experience that led to the deliverance of Studio 7.

Specialized in Interior Design from concepts to site Supervising. We also Conceptualize Architectural & Landscape.

Principal/ Interior Architect
Lynn Kain
Passionate about Design and creation, attentive to details and functions. She implants the design process with a distinctive approach capturing the vision of the client and balancing the project from both creative and financial angles. Her international background and cultural exposures allow Studio 7 to create and transform spaces into discreet and distinctive ambiances that reflect the inhabitant essential experience, background, history and heritage in a very innovative and unique way.

Our Team
Our Team is composed of Multi- disciplinary professionals with international experiences and backgrounds. This diversity creates the right combination of creativity, leadership & professionalism.